MDaemon Antivirus

Layered Security For MDaemon Email

Additional Email Protection Against Viruses, Spam, Phishing and More

MDaemon Antivirus (formerly MDaemon SecurityPlus) provides an additional layer of email security to the MDaemon Email Server with a variety of anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and anti-malware features for email security.

MDaemon Antivirus is built on 20+ years of email security experience and includes multiple AV engines. We integrate globally trusted antimalware technologies to deliver real-time protection against new and emerging threats. MDaemon Antivirus uses a variety of techniques to detect and remove malware, including signature-based detection, heuristic detection, and behavior-based detection to distinguish between legitimate corporate senders, valid publishers, zombies, and spammers/malware distributors.

Security Gateway Key Benefits

  • Multiple AV Engines (Cyren and ClamAV)
  • Zero-hour Outbreak Protection Detects Real Threats in Real-Time
  • Features Cyren's patented recurrent pattern detection and statistical pattern identification
  • Mailbox Scanning and Detailed Log Files
  • Language Agnostic for Global Deployment
  • Versatile Control of Threat Management

MDaemon Antivirus Benefits

Multiple AV Engines for layered protection

Multi-level and modular analysis of emails and attachments

Excellent Detection Speed and Accuracy

Mailbox Scanning and Detailed Log Files

Reports on the threats it has detected and removed, so you can track detections for a given period

Frequent automatic updates ensure the latest protection without compromising server performance

Integrated into MDaemon (Requires Paid Activation)

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Email Security Tip

Why You Can't Rely on Users to Keep Email Secure

For hackers, it’s a numbers game. Three billion phishing emails are sent every day, but all they need is for one of them to find a willing victim and do damage to your network. If you leave email security up to users, you can be in a world of trouble.

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Additional Email Server Security Features in MDaemon

We include a number of additional security features for a layered security approach with antivirus and malware protection. MDaemon email server includes these additional security features:

  • Compromised Password Alerts
  • Brute Force Detection
  • Email Account Hijack Detection
  • Email Harvest Attack Detection
  • Access Restrictions by IP Address and Location
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Password Policy Enforcement (and Mobile Device Management)
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Prevention
  • Authentication App Support
  • SSL/TLS Support
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Event-based Administrator Alerts, and More