Meet Our Leadership Team

Alan Nauman, CEO

For over 20 years, Alan has managed the operations of companies in industries as diverse as insurance, direct marketing, and consumer packaged goods (CPG). As a Divisional IT Operations manager at Coca-Cola, he implemented global supply chain services and mobility solutions to enhance sales force effectiveness. At MDaemon Technologies, Alan has served as Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations and IT. As CEO, he is responsible for MDaemon Technologies' overall strategy and leadership as the company continues to grow it's software offerings and market presence.

Kevin Beatty, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Kevin brings over 20 years of B2B experience in the communications and IT services industry. With companies such as BlackBerry, GTE (now Verizon), and NEC, he held various senior marketing management positions where he was responsible for product marketing, communications, PR and analyst relations, services marketing, and channel programs. At MDaemon Technologies, Kevin is responsible for the company's global marketing, marketing operations, channel relationships, business development, and customer relationship initiatives.

Traci DeStena, Vice President of Finance

Traci brings over 20 years of auditing and accounting experience from industries such as communications, energy, and environmental sciences. Her experience includes design, development and testing of billing software, deployment of Internet-based auditing practices, and contract administration. At MDaemon Technologies Traci is responsible for all aspects of the company's accounting and finance systems.

Arron Caruth, Vice President of Product Development

Arron brings extensive messaging industry and technical support experience from his IT roles in the financial and distribution industries. He has been working with MDaemon Technologies' products for over 15 years and has an intimate knowledge of their applications. At MDaemon Technologies, Arron is responsible for the product development, quality assurance, and support services departments for the company.

Jonathan Merkel, Vice President of Application Development

Jonathan was one of MDaemon Technologies' earliest employees and brings over 15 years of software development experience to lead a talented team of developers. Jon works closely with customers and beta team members to bring requested product features into the latest version of MDaemon and other MDaemon Technologies products. Jon is responsible for implementing feature requests and enhancements, as well as making the product compatible with 3rd-party products.

Arvel Hathcock, Founder and Board Member

With a background in the direct marketing industry, Arvel was one of the first individuals in the mid 1990s to recognize that small-to-medium business (SMB) needed an easy-to-use and affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange or SBS. With an entrepreneurial spirit and solid programming expertise, he developed the MDaemon email platform and launched MDaemon Technologies. As the company's visionary, Arvel brings his passion for the customer and his expertise in email and security technologies to ensure that MDaemon Technologies' products meet and exceed customer expectations. He is a recognized email expert and is actively involved with many industry associations that are focused on improving email security and the evolution of email reputation and certification services in business communication.

Jerry Donald, Board Member

As a board member and former CEO of MDaemon Technologies, Jerry brings over 20 years of business expertise to the business. With a background in the direct marketing industry, Jerry has managed the needs of customers such as Lands' End, Victoria's Secret, Sprint, AOL, and Citibank and understands the impact reliable messaging products can have on a customer's business.