MDaemon® On-Premise Email Deployment

Options for Business and Government Networks

On-Premise Email Deployment Options  

With the growing adoption of email-hosted platforms, there are fewer options for companies that want to manage their email in-house or control when and how software updates occur. While some organizations have fully outsourced their applications, others want a hybrid cloud design or use a colocation facility to manage their critical business applications, such as email. MDaemon­® email server offers network administrators on-premise deployment options for various network designs so you can choose how you want to deploy application workloads, such as email, email archiving, and other critical business applications.


Email is a critical business application. Knowing where your data is stored, who has access, when upgrades will occur are just a few reasons companies continue to deploy on-premise networks.


Network administrators have more choices for deployment options. Private cloud networks, closed internal networks, hybrid cloud, and cloud federation are just some of the flexible on-premise email options available.


While a monthly recurring charge may seem more attractive, the ability to realocate internal servers, choose when software upgrades occur, and the overall total cost of ownership can offer you better savings.

Closed Email Network Environments

Some businesses and government organizations need a secure closed network for email that keeps their communication out of a public cloud infrastructure. With fewer options available, the Windows®-based MDaemon email server offers organizations the flexibility to deploy an on-premise mail server in a closed network that is easy to manage and maintain.

MDaemon Technologies maintains an active registration in the U.S. federal government's System for Award Management (SAM) and offers U.S. agencies and government contractors a trusted option for secure closed network email deployment requirements.

Benefits Include:

  • Small server footprint and easy administration
  • Affordability to meet strict budget requirements
  • Dedicated support for license activation, deployment, and updates
  • Government discount program eligibility
  • Direct contact with MDaemon developers
  • Trusted by organizations and certified government contractors



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