Email Security Software to Stop Spam, Phishing,
Data Leaks and Other Threats

Accurate Email Protection for an Affordable Price

SecurityGateway™ delivers email threat detection technology to protect email servers from viruses, spam, phishing, data leaks, and other cyber threats for any sized business.

We protect all email platforms, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and others, from inbound and outbound threats. Our secure email gateway platform makes managing your company's email simple, accurate, and affordable.

Our email security software can be deployed across any environment: Hosted, virtual or on-premise, providing you with the flexibility you need for your business.

Security Gateway for Email Dashboard

Easy Administration and
Flexible Management

Every business has different needs and environments. Security Gateway for email enables administrators to adjust settings at many levels allowing for a flexible configuration instead of being restricted to a one-size-fits-all solution.

Simple, Powerful, Accurate
Security Features

  • Easily monitor and manage email traffic
  • Flexible control for global and domain administrators
  • Intuitive user quarantine email management
  • Integrated email continuity and email archiving
  • Effective standard or customizable data leak prevention rules
  • Compromised password alerts

Satisfied Customers Share Why They've Switched Platforms

"We implemented our own Exchange server, and we had the need to have an antispam that would help us to be free to monitor it and that the same user with a single click could release his email, and this software was what we needed"

Cesar H., IT Admin.
Switched from Barracuda Gateway

"We moved from Exchange Online Protection after trialing several alternatives (both on-prem and cloud based). Security Gateway was the perfect sweet spot. Spam capabilities are far superior to EOP. For the price you get all the expected features and a lot of extra goodies too."

Bill R. , Director of IT
Switched from Exchange Online Protection

"With Security Gateway in place I get a little better sleep at night knowing my Exchange Server and entire network is better protected from the nasty stuff out there. Out of the box, it's probably one of the easiest pieces of software to implement."

John G., VP
Switched from GFI

Affordable Email Protection - Flexible Deployment Options

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On-Premise Software

Deployed by you for ultimate control.




Yearly Subscription

SaaS License

Service provider edition.

Managed Services (MSP)

Internet Service (ISP)

Distributor | Reseller

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Security Gateway for Email Features 

Email threats are constantly changing and users are more vulnerable to email attacks than ever before. With the rising costs of businesses email compromise (BEC), ransomware, phishing attacks or even losing sensitive or confidential information through inside data leaks, IT professionals need email security software designed by a company with expertise in how email works and how to protect it.

Email Threat Detection

Effective email protection using a variety of technologies and layers to detect and prevent spam, phishing, viruses, and other forms of malware before it reaches the user's inbox.

Email Continuity and Archiving

Keep emails flowing even if your server goes down. Integrated email archiving means you do not need a separate service to meet compliance requirements.

Administrative Flexibility

Flexible domain or user level management, private account options, detailed email traffic reporting and colored logs make email management simple.

Data Leak Prevention

Enforce policies to stop emails that may contain sensitive employee, financial or confidential information from leaving your organization.

Email Quarantine Management

Reduce the need for IT administrative involvement by sending suspect messages directly to the user's inbox for action to accept, mark as spam, blacklist, etc.

Key Features and More

Built with important inbound and outbound features you would expect plus some additional features only an email security expert will include. View the feature list here.

Feature Highlight - Data Leak Prevention

Industry statistics report that over 30% of data breaches happen from inside an organization due to employees sending sensitive personal or confidential information. To help administrators with outbound email management, Security Gateway for email servers includes:

  • Over 70 data leak prevention (DLP) rules to easily enforce corporate-wide email security policies.
  • Flexible email content filtering rules that can be easily customized for unique security policy requirements.

Security Gateway Virtual Demo

Explore the easy-to-use email gateway management console, review security feature settings, and view flexible reporting and email traffic analysis tools to compare Security Gateway to your current email gateway or filtering product.

Security Gateway for Email Feature Videos

Email Quarantine Management

Email Logs & Delivery Analysis

Anti-Abuse Dynamic Screening

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